Miniature Photography
Miniature Photography



Secret King is a miniature & diarama photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve been painting miniatures since a young age, building and photographing as a hobby for years. I appreciate high quality photography, and the fine art of miniature painting and the worldbuilding of diaramas / scenes. So I started this project to marry the three artforms.

Although I do paint miniatures, building scenery and craft diaramas, Secret King could be many things. There are so many elements in the mix – painting, diarama building, and photography. But it is first and foremost a photography project. It’s about creating a world, telling a story, and exploring the characters in these worlds.

If you’ve invested hours of painting into your minis and you’re looking to showcase that proud effort, you’ve come to the right place. I’m the person who can help capture the beauty of the work you’ve created. If you want to build a world to put them in, create a scenario where you want to see them in, or even just want to simply showcase minis on a white background, let’s work together.

If you’re interested in getting your minis photographed, reach out at –